Wether you need to design or construct your dream; we are here to help.

Working in civil infrastructure construction means we help to make the world a better place. We helps to provide core infrastructure that keeps our community – and Aruba – running smoothly.

Our experts build roads and highways that allow people to travel safely in their everyday lives. We install essential services like water treatment systems that keep communities healthy, and power and communication lines to keep us all connected with our loved ones.

Essentially, we build foundations that allow Aruba and its people to enjoy a high quality of life and to prosper, in every way.

No matter which road or roundabout you have to take, you can be sure that C2 has the experience to get you there.


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As one of the leading infrastructure companies in Aruba, we are fully aware of the challenges and requirements of this sector. We tackle all aspects of the infrastructure projects including engineering, construction, project management and contracting. We understand that when it comes to building solid and unique projects governments and companies want a highly trustworthy and reliable partner who is capable of offering exceptional construction designing & development services.

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C2 is equipped to take on your community’s most complex transportation infrastructure challenges


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