White sandy beaches, swaying palm trees, sunny days—a beautiful island paradise awaits you at Divi Resorts. Currently operating 5 resorts on the Island of Aruba, which two of them are all inclusive resorts.

The Divi Dutch Village is just steps down a garden path to beautiful Druif beach. The quiet, private setting is a serene spot in lively Aruba, with oversized rooms and quiet escapes.

Serving Aruba’s tourism for many years, it was time to renovate the parking lot and the main entrance driveway. The asphalt was old and cracked, with lots of patches after the years. The sides were also damaged. They have seen better days!

Divi Resorts Aruba asked us to do a full renovation of their parking lot and the main entrance over at their property Divi Dutch Village. For this, we scraped all the old asphalt layers away to make way for the brand new pavers. The edges were upgraded and new planters were made.

A 5-star resorts deserves a 5 star driveway. With sustainability in mind, we diverted from the old fashioned asphalt. More than 5.000 sqm of pavers were installed to make the perfect entrance for the property. And all LED lighting used for the perfect finishing touches.

Just steps from Aruba’s white sand beaches, with a lush landscaping and illumination, the new main entrance now welcoming visitors at the Divi Dutch Village Aruba.


Commercial Construction

Druif Beach

Divi Resorts Aruba
Divi Dutch Village Resort Aruba


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