This morning C2 Civil & Construction started work on the first roundabout for the Watty Vos Boulevard project. This is the first of ten (10) roundabouts that will help to keep the traffic moving on the boulevard.

With a small groundbreaking ceremony, the DOW (Dienst Openbare Werken) gave start to the project which is scheduled to be finished in three months. As Mr. Marlon Croes (director DOW) explains, we will be taking a different approach diverting the traffic as we work. The main road will not be closed while we are working, but rather be diverted around the construction site.

Around the construction site a temporary roundabout is to be made for the traffic to keep flowing. Thinking about the traffic coming from the Reina Beatrix International Airport we wanted to make sure people people were not stuck for hours.

Working together with the utilities companies; Elmar, WEB and Setar this first roundabout project is set to be finished in October.

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